8 Doomsday Scenarios That Will Scare You

8 Doomsday Scenarios That Will Scare You

It’s never pleasant to think about doomsday scenarios or scary situations that could put us and our family in danger, let alone the entire world. Even though we’d like to avoid the thought of them ever occurring, not being prepared would make them even worse to imagine. With everything from world hunger to a takeover from artificial intelligence, we need to be more aware of our surroundings and the potential threats that face us.

Having a survival kit at home is the most basic line of defense you can have against possible doomsday scenarios, but what exactly would they look like? We’ve compiled a list of some potential emergencies where a carefully planned prepping kit would come in handy.

#8: Nuclear War

Nuclear Worlds

This is a common theme that’s explored in movies as we see some of the world’s largest superpowers battling it out with each other. With global politics always being such a sensitive topic, many people and scientists are legitimately worried about what would happen in the case of a nuclear war.

There are known massive stockpiles of these weapons in various places around the world and if they so happened to get into the hands of the wrong people, it would be a very possible doomsday scenario for the world.

#7: Medical Pandemics


A very possible end of the world scenario would just be a larger scale of what we see occurring today when it comes to outbreaks of disease. In history, there have been cases of very serious illness wiping out millions of people, including the black plague.

There are always new pandemics to worry about and new health warnings that we all need to take heed of, and due to the fact that we now travel globally and freely more than ever that threat becomes greater. If just one of these diseases was to get out of control and couldn’t be managed, it could be a very real end of the world scenario.

#6: Overpopulation

Overpopulation in the world

Overpopulation itself would not be the end of the world, but the dramatic effects it would have on the world’s population could be. The first time we began to fear overpopulation was in the 18th century when Thomas Malthas prophesized it would put a great strain on the planet and cause worldwide famine.

While this wouldn’t be as sudden of an ending to the earth as others, and there could potentially be a way to innovate around it, it’s certainly something to be wary of.

#5: Climate Shifts

Climate Shift

Whether or not you believe in the threat of climate change, on a planet as sensitive and turbulent as earth there’s a good chance that massive shifts could occur. Many scientists are fearful of the effects on climate change and for countries where even a minor change in the temperature or conditions could spell huge trouble, it’s even more concerning.

All of the changes that could occur from these shifts in climate could lead to famine, destroyed crops, and political instability all over the world. Although it may seem as though there’ll be time to stop it, there’s no telling what could happen in a planet as unpredictable as this.

#4: Asteroids


It might sound like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, but scientists claim that the possibility of super asteroids hitting the earth isn’t that far fetched. A huge space rock has the potential to wipe out the entire planet or at least most of it, and it would be hard to tell when a strike was imminent.

Some scientists believe that it was an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, so imagine how us humans would stand up against something so big. Space is a vast and unknown place so being aware of every potential asteroid threat is impossible, which only adds further to the fear.

#3: Fungal Threats

Fungal Threat

We’re always mindful of bacterial and viral diseases that could take over the earth or make a lot of us very sick, but what about fungal threats? According to those who study potential doomsday scenarios, there have already been cases of animal species like frogs being almost wiped out entirely because of one fungal spread.

We know a lot less about fungus and what to do with it, as evident by how quickly it’s been able to move in the past. What makes matters worse is that the treatment of fungal infections is a lot harder to manage compared to a viral or bacterial one, so the chances of it doing widespread damage become greater.

#2: Artificial Intelligence Takeover

Artificial Intelligence

It’s common these days to see artificial intelligence taking over or taking part in many of the functions we used to do for ourselves. While it’s definitely convenient to have this robotic help, some fear that their power will become greater than what we can control and lead to a doomsday type scenario.

We’ll be unable to tell whether an artificial intelligence that becomes greater than the human mind will be with us or against us, and it’s this uncertainty that makes the threat a very scary and real one to consider.

#1: Natural Disasters

Flooding Shifts in climate might be a sign that more natural disasters are coming or the mere fact that this planet we inhabit is always changing and surprising us. Even a small scale natural disaster can have a huge impact on a state or town, so imagine the potential of something larger with a worldwide effect.



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