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Ammo Storage Container: 5 Best Ones for Long Term Storage

An ammo storage container comes in all shapes and sizes, but which one is the best for your needs? Do you need a container that can withstand the harshest environments? Or do you need something fireproof and theft-resistant?

In this blog post, you will discover the 5 best ammo storage containers on the market today. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right ammo containers for your needs.

What Are Ammo Storage Containers?

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Sports ammo containers are designed to store items securely and safely. There are many different types and designs of the containers, but they all have one common goal: to keep your stuff dry, safe, and readily available when you need it.

The most popular type of ammunition storage boxes is the ammo can, which is typically made of metal or plastic and has a tight-fitting lid.

Ammo cans come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for something a little more compact, there are also ammo boxes available. These usually have a foam insert that helps protect your stuff from bumps and jostling.

Whichever type of ammo container you choose, make sure it’s big enough to hold all the ammo you think you’ll need, as well as any other supplies (such as cleaning supplies) you might want to keep with it. And always remember: when it comes to ammunition storage boxes, Safety first!

5 Ammunition Storage Boxes

ammo storage container

Ammo Storage Container| Aolamegs 50 Cal Ammo Can –Sports Locking Hardware Kit And Stainless Steel Padlock,Box Military & Army M2A1

Aolamegs 50 Cal Ammo Can – Locking Hardware Kit and Stainless Steel Padlock,Ammo Box Military & Army M2A1 (50cal Ammo Can Black with Pre-Installed Locking Hardware and 1 Combination Padlock)
90 Reviews
Aolamegs 50 Cal Ammo Can – Locking Hardware Kit and Stainless Steel Padlock,Ammo Box Military & Army M2A1 (50cal Ammo Can Black with Pre-Installed Locking Hardware and 1 Combination Padlock)
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Ammo box lock hardware fits 50 Cal, Fat 50, 30 Cal, 20 mm, 40 mm ammo cans. The lock hardware will work with medium sized locks with up to a 1/4" lock shackle.
  • KIT INCLUDES - Stud, one large washer, one small washer, one neoprene washer, one grade 8 nylon locknut, and instructions for installation. Ammo can and lock are NOT included.
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Our quality stainless steel hardware prevents rusting and ensures your ammo is safely locked away. The can stays waterproof as the neoprene washer keeps water out of the ammo...

The Aolamegs 50 Cal Ammo Can is a product of Aolamegs shop. According to their account in Amazon they are under lock categories, have enough stock and are eligible for a refund and return policy.


Its case can be used to stock any kind of ammunition. It comes with locking hardware that can hold 50 Cal, Fat 50, 30 Cal, 20 mm, and 40 mm ammo cans. The locking hardware works with any medium-sized shackle up to 1/4 inch.

The kit has a refined large and small washer, a stud, a neoprene washer, a grade 8 nylon lock nut, and instructions for how to put it together. A lock can are the only two things that aren’t in the kit.

The high-quality stainless steel hardware saves your guns from rusting. The neoprene washer makes the box waterproof because it keeps liquids from getting in. Aolamegs products are easy to use and are perfect for survival and camping activities.

How To Obtain?

Those who are interested in buying the items from their shop or online store may create orders through chat on their site. Don’t forget to navigate to see if they have enough stock of the items. Also, compare their selection of products to find the best item to buy.

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Ammo Storage Container| MTM Case Gard ACR8 Ammo Crate – Best Ammo Boxes For Hunting Categories

MTM ACR8 Ammo Crate is an ammo container that is under the brand MTM and is sold by Amazon. It is highly recommended for a serious gun lover who needs to stock a lot of ammunition. Also, it is made to hold a good amount of ammunition or other hunting gear.


This product is 19 inches wide, 15.75 inches tall, and 8 inches deep. It can hold or carry up to 85 pounds of gear. The lid also has an O-ring, a sign that the product is waterproof and keeps your ammo dry and usable. Keep in mind that this is a great way to stock and sort things that won’t get wet, but it wasn’t made to be submerged.

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How To Obtain?

Choosing this product helps you find items that allow you to save money in the long run. Just connect to the Amazon store online, search for gun parts and accessories categories, type the name of the product and click add to cart.

For more results, search for their web page, and create an account. Look for the page that has the list of their products and discover a variety of interesting items from their shop. Check for promotions or special offers to help you save more money from your purchase.

Ammo Storage Container| Sheffield 12629 Field Box, Pistol, Rifle, Or Shotgun Storage Box, Tamper-Proof Ammo Can with 3 Locking Options, Stackable and Water Resistant, Made in The USA, Black

Sheffield 12629 Field Box, Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun Ammo Storage Box, Tamper-Proof Ammo Can with 3 Locking Options, Stackable and Water Resistant, Made in The USA, Black
  • PROTECT YOUR GEAR: Ammo case is designed to store and protect hunting and fishing gear, electronics, tools, equipment, ammunition, and more; 3 locking mechanisms keep people out, and protect...
  • MODULAR STORAGE SOLUTION: The ammo can’s base-to-lid interlocking system provides superior stackability and reduces tipping; Store this locking dry box in your gun case, closet, or garage;...
  • WATER AND DUST RESISTANT: Ammunition storage box features compression-fit lid for water and dust resistance; These are the best plastic ammo boxes on the market today

Sheffield 12629 Field Box, Pistol, Rifle. The ammo can’s base-to-lid interlocking system provides superior stackability and reduces tipping.


This sports ammo case is made to stock and protect fishing and hunting gear, electronics, tools, equipment, ammunition, and more. It has 3 locks that control and keep items inside safe from others. Products such as this has a 9mm shell case, easy to

The lid of the ammunition storage box has a compression fit that keeps out water and dust; The best plastic ammo boxes on the market right now are these. These waterproof hard-plastic field boxes are made to go with you wherever you go. They are great for the shooting range or use outside.

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How To Obtain?

For those who are interested, search for brands named Sheffield in Amazon under maintenance and storage categories. You can also search for their page and find more products to buy. Create an account, subscribe to their page, and get updates on the latest items for sale. Discover discounts, freebies, and coupons by subscribing to their newsletter. You may also chat with their customer service to discover more ways on how to order their products from their shop or store.

Ammo Storage Container| Solid Tactical Metal Ammo Can – Military & Army Boxes, M19A1 & M2A1 Metal Ammo Cans for Long Term Storage Case, Waterproof Metal Storage Box, Ammunition Storage Boxes

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We’ve all heard the phrase “military-grade” before. This usually means that the item is made with the best materials possible so that it can withstand the dangers of battle. When it comes to quality, functionality, and construction, the Solid Tactical 50 Cal Ammo Can is the one that comes closest to this.


The first thing that shows this is that it is made of solid steel. This container is made to be strong and last for a long time, so it’s great for long-term storage. This container is also waterproof and doesn’t let air in.

The lid is sealed all the way around with a rubber gasket. So you know it’s safe when everything is closed up. But airtight doesn’t just mean that moisture and humidity can’t get in. It also means that dirt and other debris can’t get in through the cracks. The lid can be taken off completely and is held on with a strong side latch.

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Ammo Storage Container| MTM Tactical Mag Can – Best Ammo Can For AR Rifle Storage

Ammunition containers are great for storing boxes or single shells of rifle or shotgun ammo, but they won’t work if you need to carry around preloaded magazines for your higher capacity rifles.


You can store up to 14 magazines of 10, 20, or 25 rounds of.308 caliber ammunition in the MTM Tactical Mag Can. This is the type of ammunition that most AR platform guns use. This container is a great choice if you want to take your high-powered rifle to the range but don’t want to load the magazines while you’re shooting.

Inside the box, there is a piece of foam padding with slots cut out for your magazines. This material and the space between them keep them from hitting each other on the way and damaging either the magazine or the bullets.

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How to Obtain?

For more results you can check brands’ names on the Amazon store. Also, look for it under maintenance and storage categories. Moreover, check if the store has enough stock of the item. You may sign to their newsletter and you might get discounts from their products.

How To Purchase Sports Ammo Boxes Online?

When you’re ready to purchase ammo boxes, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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  1. Decide what type of sports box you need.
  2. Navigate their site and browse the selection of ammunition from several brands.
  3. Create an account from each of these brands and get a subscription from their site. Also, secure access to their products.  Compare brands according to their calibers, styles, special offers, resources, promotions, offers, policies on product return, service, and assistance
  4. Consider the price of the products. Indeed ammo boxes can range from very inexpensive to quite expensive. Try to subscribe to their newsletter to receive discounts, sales, and vouchers from their shop. Or you can check for sale items on their website to save money before you click add to cart
  5. Chat with their customer service to determine the shipping cost and how many hours it will take before you receive the item.