EDC for Women: 5 Things to Have in Your Purse Besides Makeup


Your complete EDC for women guide starts right now. Here are the five items you need to turn your purse into an Everyday Carry:

Disaster can strike practically anywhere and at any time. As a survivalist and prepper woman, you know the importance of stocking your home and car with emergency supplies. But what about your purse?

Your Everyday Carry (EDC) holds a basic set of small and versatile emergency supplies that you can take with you wherever you go.. A purse of practically any size and style can make an excellent EDC. Beyond “nice-to-have” items such as make-up and toiletries, your purse has room for “must-have” gear to help you stay safe in a variety of dangerous situations.



Top EDC for Women Items


1. Signaling Devices

If you’re in danger, injured, or incapacitated, a signaling device allows you to call for help beyond the range or capability of your voice alone.

Any type of handheld mirror, even a make-up mirror, will work in a pinch as a signaling device. You can use it to reflect sunlight to signal your location if you’re lost outdoors or at sea. You can choose between plastic or glass; plastic is more durable, but glass creates a brighter beam.

You’ll also want to carry a compact tactical flashlight. Make sure it has a bright LED beam with strobe capabilities. A flashing strobe light is one of the most effective signaling devices at any time of day.   

Not all signaling devices are visual. A survival or self-defense whistle makes an ear-splitting sound signaling your need for immediate help. Aside from a traditional lung-powered whistle, you can also use a personal alarm device that makes noise at the press of a button.

Finally, you’ll want a lighter. It’s not only a visual signaling device, but it can help you start a fire if necessary. If you don’t use the lighter regularly, it should stay in good working order for about a year before the flint might start to fail.  


2. Self-Defense Equipment


Many EDCs for women have pepper spray as the main self-defense component, and while it’s an excellent choice, understanding its limitations is essential.

An attacker can cross 21 feet of space before the average person can find, draw, and use pepper spray from any type of bag. Use your EDC to carry your pepper spray with you, but keep the device in your hand whenever you’re in a parking lot or other potentially dangerous location.   

Another option is a self-defense keychain. Many different types are available, but they also work in basically the same way. They have a solid core you wrap your hand around along with small protrusions that fit between your fingers. While you want to avoid a prolonged physical fight, a quick hit with a self-defense keychain can surprise your attacker and provide an opportunity for you to flee.  

You’ll also want to protect yourself from less visible threats. Thieves use special Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices that capture information from coded microchips found in debit and credit cards. However, an RFID-blocking wallet (or even a larger [easyazon_link identifier=”B07BDGB442″ locale=”US” tag=”preppingadvice2-20″]messenger bag)[/easyazon_link] protects your cards from illicit scanning.


3. Medical Supplies

While your purse probably can’t hold everything necessary to treat serious accidents or injuries, you can likely find room for basic first aid supplies, as well as some items to treat minor maladies that might occur throughout the day.

First, you’ll want a pillbox with at least one adult dose each of Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, and Tums (or their off-brand equivalent). These basics should help if you develop a headache, upset stomach, or allergy attack.

Next, you’ll want a few essentials to deal with cuts and scrapes, such as some Band-Aids and alcohol swabs. A pair of [easyazon_link identifier=”B07KYV178H” locale=”US” tag=”preppingadvice2-20″]gloves[/easyazon_link] is also useful if you have to administer first-aid to someone else. Many women also carry a few supplies for any emergency personal hygiene needs, such as tampons, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer.   

Finally, carry some [easyazon_link identifier=”B07D83162X” locale=”US” tag=”preppingadvice2-20″]energy bars.[/easyazon_link] They’re easy to store because they’re compact and stay edible for a long time. Plus, they’re packed with protein and carbs to give you a substantial energy boost quickly.

Should you put water in your EDC? Maybe. If you want to carry a water bottle in your purse, make sure it’s 100% leakproof. To avoid the extra weight and potential hazard to any electronics, many women prefer to carry a [easyazon_link identifier=”B00WH2NKRO” locale=”US” tag=”preppingadvice2-20″]water bottle[/easyazon_link] separately.


4. EDC for Women Tools

A multi-tool, such as a Leatherman, is an excellent choice for your EDC. They’re compact enough to stay out of the way but also contain many different tools to help you in a huge variety of situations.

Specifics vary based on the brand and model, but most multi-tools include a knife, ruler, pliers, bottle opener, can opener, a saw, and both a Philips and flat screwdriver. Aside from the tool selection, you also want something made from titanium, stainless steel, or similarly durable and corrosion-resistant material.  

A small set of screwdrivers is another useful addition to your EDC. Unlike a multi-tool, a screwdriver set gives you far more options, including Torx heads. A screwdriver set is helpful for on-the-spot repairs to laptops, eyeglasses, and much more.

Finally, you’ll want a small writing pad, pencil, and pen. Ideally, the pen should use waterproof ink. In an emergency situation, basic writing equipment can help you leave notes, draw maps, and otherwise communicate.    


5. Phone Charger

Never rely on the ability to use your phone in an emergency situation. Instead, build your EDC around the idea of staying safe even if your phone doesn’t work or becomes lost.

However, a phone charger is still an excellent item to include in your EDC. After all, if you’re in an emergency situation where you can use your phone, you want to make sure it stays fully charged.

You have four options:

  • A car charger allows you to power your phone from any vehicle with a working battery.
  • A wall charger plugs into any standard electrical outlet.
  • A battery-powered charger provides a portable, but temporary, source of power.
  • A hand-crank charger requires no batteries or electricity.

For EDC purposes, the crank-powered charger provides the most reliable power. You can keep your phone powered even during a blackout or if you’re outdoors. A typical hand charger is roughly the size of a smartphone, so they’ll fit into most purses easily.

You don’t necessarily need to carry a car or wall charger with you at all times. However, you might want to store one of each in your glove compartment while carrying either a hand or battery-powered charger in your purse.


Building Your EDC for Women


By assembling a complete EDC, women can stay prepared for any type of unexpected accident or disaster. The key to success is proper planning. First, you’ll want to assemble your items. Then, you’ll want to carefully pack them into your purse for maximum efficiency.

Form a base on the bottom of your purse with the more compact, boxy items such as the first aid kit, phone charger, and multi-tool. Doing so gives you space near the top of your purse for more commonly-used items, such as your keys and wallet.

You never know what the day has in store, but you’ll be ready for anything when your purse is transformed into an Everyday Carry!