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Fishing Without Pole: Avoid Starving When SHTF

It’s no secret that survival fishing without pole is a great way to catch your own food and help sustain you during a SHTF event. This can be a major issue, especially if you’re trying to avoid starving. In this blog post, we will discuss some ways that you can still go fishing without using a traditional fishing pole!


Benefits Of Fishing Without Pole

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Provides A Much-needed Food Source In Survival Situation.

When there is no other food available, catching fish can help you avoid starvation. Most especially , fishing without a fishing pole can help you save energy and still get the same results.

Provide A Sense Of Calm And Purpose

When all other options have failed, survival fishing helps you to know that you have at least tried everything in your power to survive. Survival fishing is also a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, which can help improve your mental health during a stressful time.

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Can Be Used As A Bartering Tool

It helps people exchange for other goods and services. When SHTF, people will be looking for ways to trade goods and services in order to get what they need. Survival fishing can provide a much-needed service to those who are looking for food.


Providing a chance to relax and appreciate the natural world even in the midst of a crisis. It is also a way to relieve stress with the added bonus of a potential meal at the end of it.

Fishing Methods: How to Fish Without a Pole

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Hand Fishing Method

One of the old methods in fishing is hand fishing, also known as noodling, is a popular way to catch fish without the use of a pole. The basic idea is to find a fish swimming in shallow water and then grab it with your hand.

Here’s How It Works:

While this may sound easy, it can be quite challenging to trap fish in shallow water with this manner. First, you need to have quick reflexes in order to grab the fish before it swims away.

Secondly, you need to be able to identify the spawn that are suitable for hand fishing. Smaller spawn are often easier to grab, as they are less likely to struggle free from your grip. Nevertheless, hand fishing is a great way to catch fish without the use of a rod and can be a lot of fun.

Setting a Fish Trap Method

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Setting fish traps is a great way to catch fish. Fish traps allow you to catch them without having to use a rod. All you need is a trap and some baited hooks, and you’re all set! This can be near a dock, in a river, or even in the ocean.

Here’s How It Works:

Once you’ve found a good spot, set your trap and baited hook with something that will attract fish. Then, all you have to do is wait for the larger fish to swim into your trap.

You can use the tide to catch fish in rocky pools on a beach, or you can make your own underwater traps from scratch. Also, holding pens for larger fish in a stream by weaving sticks together to make fences.

You can even put bait at the end of a narrow hollow log that has been netted off. Since fish can’t swim backwards, they will be caught. Bring the log up carefully, and it’s time to eat.

Use Set Lines Method

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Another way to fish from far away is to use set trot lines. Fish hooks and gorges can be made from just about anything: green willow wood, bone, nail, safety pins, thorn, needle, wire, sea shell, you name it. If you don’t have a knife, you can use the sharp jagged edges of rock to carve and sharpen wooden hooks.

For fishing line, you can use anything you have on hand, like strands of clothing, wire, sinew, or vines. Bait can be food scraps, bugs, frogs, or even a colorful piece of cloth. Lures can be made out of jewelry.

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Here’s How It Works:

You can set it up in many ways. You can string a main trot line across water between two trees, or you can use two sticks stuck in the mud for smaller jobs. All of the hooks you made will be attached to secondary rods that hang from the main rod. This makes it possible to bait several fish at once. You can even use bobbers to keep an eye on set rods that are drifting.

Net Fishing Method

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If you find yourself in a situation where you need to catch a small fish without a pole, there are a few ways you can improvise. One way is to use a net. You can fashion a simple net out of rope or string and catch fish quite easily. 

Here’s How It Works:

Your improvised nets can be made of anything that will allow you to catch larger fish. For example, you can use a fishing net, a stretched, a scarf, or even a shirt. The key is to make sure that your hand net is large enough to catch the fish you are targeting.

Another way to improvise a fishing net is to use a container such as a bucket or pot. Simply lower the container into the water and wait for the spawn to swim inside. Once the spawn is inside, lift the container out of the water and enjoy your catch!

Spear Fish Method

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Ever want to catch a large fish without using a pole? Well, you’re in luck! Spear fishing is a great way to catch fish without all the extra equipment. All you need is a spear and some patience.

Here’s How It Works:

First, find a likely spot where fish may be swimming. Then, quietly and slowly approach the water’s edge. Once you’re in position, wait for a fish to swim within range of your spear. When it does, lunge forward and thrust the spear into the water, aiming for the fish. If all goes well, you’ll impale the fish on your spear and can now haul it out of the water for dinner!

Of course, catching fish this way takes practice and precision. But it’s definitely possible to catch a fish with nothing but a spear – no poles necessary. So next time you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at spearfishing? Who knows, you might just like it!

Fishing with Soda Can

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Don’t have enough money for a new spinning reel? No worries. Use an aluminum soda can to cast. In the Orient and Latin America, people have been using cans to cast lines for a long time. Once you get the hang of it, this way of fishing is amazing.

It’s the same idea as using reel fishing. The can is the spool for the reel. Wrap a few feet of monofilament line around the can, which is enough to make a cast. On the other end, add the hook, sinker, and bait.

Here’s How It Works:

To cast, hold the can by one end and leave the other end free. Catch the end of the hook that is hanging down with your index finger, cock your arm, and sling as you let go of the end of the line. When it’s done right, the strand will coil off freely, and the weight of the end tackle will give it the momentum to move farther.

This is not a way to keep throwing and catching. Instead, it is a way to throw out a fishing line when you don’t have a rod and reel. When a fish bites the bait or you want to make another cast, pull the line by hand and wrap it back around the can as it comes in.

Trot lining is a way to fish.

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Trot lining is a type of “alternative fishing” that commercial fishermen like to use especially in wildlife because it works so well.

Trotlines are long pieces of strong nylon rod with hooks and “droppers” at regular intervals along a “mother strand.” On one end, the strand is tied or weighted down. The bait is put on the hooks, and the strand is pulled tight and tied off at the other end. Most trotlines for sport fishing have 25 hooks. Usually, lines are set in the afternoon and run in the morning after.

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Here’s How It Works:

Most tackle shops and places that sell things by mail order sell trotline kits. The kits come with instructions on how to set up and use the lines. One common way is to tie one end of the line to a fixed object on the shore (like a tree or rock), stretch the line into the river or lake, and then anchor the other end with a heavy weight.

Goldfish, pieces of cut-up fish, grasshoppers, and other things are common baits for trotlines.

This is not a way to keep throwing and catching. Instead, it is a way to throw out a fishing line when you don’t have a rod and reel. When a fish bites the bait or you want to make another cast, pull the line by hand and wrap it back around the can as it comes in.

The Jug Thug Method

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Looking to grab a fish without using a stand? The jug-fishing method is a great option. With this method, you’ll need a fishing line, some weights, and a few jugs (plastic milk jugs or 2-liter soda bottles work well).

Here’s How It Works:

First, tie your line to one of the jugs and add some weights to the other end. Next, throw the jug into the water, making sure that the line is trailing behind it. The weights will keep the jug from floating away, while the line will allow the fish to swim in.

When a spawn mouth takes the tip of the bait, the jug will bob up and down, alerting you to the grab. This method is simple, effective, and best of all – no stand required!

The Yoyo Method

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A yo-yo is an automatic reel made of a stainless steel spring and a metal disc (about the diameter of a doughnut). This thing has a string on its top that can be tied to a springy green branch to hold the yo-yo above the water.

Here’s How It Works:

The spring inside the yo-yo is wrapped with several feet of strong nylon line. This line is attached to the bottom of the yo-yo. On the end, a snap swivel is tied on. This rig is finished with one or two split shots and a strong 1/0 to 3/0 hook that is attached to the line by a snap swivel.

After the yo-yo is tied to the branch, the fish hook is baited. Then, enough line is taken off the reel to lower the hook and bait 2 to 3 feet below the surface. When you pull the line off the reel, the spring gets tighter. Then, the reel keeps constant pressure on the fish, giving line as the fish pulls and taking up slack as the fish tires.