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Top Prepper Blog Channel & Podcasts to Follow in 2022

We’ve made a list of top prepper blog channels and podcasts to follow in 2022. Whether their purpose is to engage or inform, each offers different content. But, all of them provide value.

Over the past few years, the way humans consume information has changed. Now, Millennials and GenZ continue to pave the way for media consumption.

Whether it’s through blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts. Content creators search for new ways to present their content in a fun, engaging way.

Each blog or channel offers tips, tricks, and advice columns. And they cater to specific audiences. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a blog or video on it.

Video and audio content continue to be two major areas of growth. While many think blogs and podcasts are deceased fields, there are currently over 600 million blogs. As well as 850,000 podcast channels.


Prepper Blog Channels – Top 10

Below are the top 10 blogs, channels and podcasts that are geared towards survivalists.

1. Prepared Survivalist Prepper Blog

This is a prepper blog created to be the spot for anything survival-related.

Whether you’re new to the game and studying the basics of preparedness and survival or you’re an expert, it provides various blogs with valuable tips and advice.

Maybe you’re a person who wants to know how to keep your family safe in any circumstance. Or perhaps you’ve learned the hard way that technology can fail and you want to know how to be prepared in the case that it does.

The Prepared Survivalist is currently ranked as the top survival blog of 2022, so outdoor lovers are sure to find value with this site.

2. Ask a Prepper Blog Channel

Ask a Prepper not only shares how to survive, but also thrive in any situation. Whatever the question, Ask a Prepper has the answers.

Their “how-to” articles help readers understand how to prepare for the wild. Ask a Prepper also informs the prepper community of the latest survival news, and gives guidance.

While technology has advanced, the author of the website, Claude Davis, emphasizes how far gone human beings are from connecting with the world around us. Through his prepper website, Davis seeks to help reconnect people with the wild.

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3. The Organic Prepper Blog

The Organic Prepper is a blog by Daisy Luther that provides valuable advice. Through media and prepper forums, Luther documents her past and presents things to help readers get a better idea of what it’s like living without life’s luxuries.

After suffering her economic collapse, Luther set her sites on living off the grid, raising her food, and enjoying a life of frugality with her kids.

Initially, she had zero survival skills and no knowledge of the wild, but she learned through experience and now shares that with her readers. Now, she writes blog posts on subjects ranging from survival tips to the state of third-world countries.

4. Primitive Technology Prepper Blog Channel

With over 10 million subscribers, Primitive Technology is a prepper channel on YouTube that shows how to make anything from weapons to tools and machines without modern technology—similar to survival tv shows.

Located out of North Queensland, Australia, this channel specializes in primitive technology or the hobby of building items in the wild from scratch using no modern tools or materials.

This includes trees, muds rocks, and sticks to create shelters and tools. The channel features videos that challenge viewers to see how far they can last in the wild without modern technology and tools.

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5. Modern Survival Online Prepper Blog Channel

Over the past decade, Modern Survival Online has been running as a prepper blog with an educated team of writers who use their own skills to teach a wide range of survival topics.

The quality of writing in each blog post is done so in a way that covers the topic while also providing maximum value. With each post, writers share wisdom on topics including bushcraft, survival food, DIY projects, and what to do in the case of emergencies.

Even an experienced prepper will have something to gain from Modern Survival Online. But if you’re just starting in the survival game, you will find information that’s easily accessible.

6. The Survival Podcast Prepper Blog/Podcast

The Survival Podcast is a prepper podcast that lets listeners tune in for high-quality and reliable information on preparedness and survival. The podcast helps people live the life they want even when times get tough.

The Survival Podcast also offers a website that features articles on modern survival. Blog posts and podcasts touch on many topics surrounding preparedness, as well, such as the importance of getting out of debt.

The Survival Podcasts teaches how to grow your own food. As well as how to deal with disasters, properly store food, and other valuable information.

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7. The Survival Show Prepper Blog and Podcast

The Survival Show is another prepper podcast. It aims to help people gain mindset, skills, and tactics. These are necessary to survive any crisis.

The podcast covers both urban and wilderness survival knowledge, offering a balanced perspective on preparedness. The podcast’s episodes feature survival tips, stories, and the necessary gear one must have to be prepared.

It also expounds on primitive skills that may help you in the wild. If you’re looking for a realistic approach to survival, we highly recommend this podcast.

8. Wranglerstar Youtube Channel

Wranglerstar is another popular prepper channel. The YouTube channel documents a family traversing through the rugged Pacific Northwest mountains and becoming modern-day homesteaders.

In 2010, the Wranglerstar family gave up the busy city life to experience nature at its finest. With over 2,000 videos and 1.69 million subscribers, the channel covers various survival topics. For example, logger’s tips and tricks, how to build a military lanyard. As well as tips for sharpening an ax, and best survival tools.

Beyond providing quality survival-related information, Wranglerstar also shows fun family clips and vlog-style videos that are sure to entertain.

9. Off the Grid News

Off the Grid News is a website and weekly newsletter. It provides up-to-date, informative articles about living “off the grid.” Each article and post features practical knowledge regarding preparedness.

Off the Grid is one of the most informative prepper websites. The site’s main subjects include survival how-tos, grid threats, survival gardening, and off-grid foods. As well as natural health, and survival hunting.

Off the Grid also features a weekly radio show. Listeners can tune in and learn the keys to succeeding in the wild.

Whether you’re looking for information on how to stay warm during a freezing ice storm or how to boot egg production during the winter. Off the Grid has a post on nearly every relevant survival subject.

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10. ReThink Survival

Outdoor lovers may want to check out reThink Survival. It provides high-quality family emergency preparedness tips, resources, and tools. They will help you and your family be well-equipped for disaster.

ReThink Survival touches on subjects like how to purify water when living off the grid. Also, how to grow your homestead for the spring season.

Each post offers ways to prepare yourself. For emergencies of all kinds quickly and easily.