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  • emergency-preparedness-checklist

    Emergency Preparedness Checklist (Pandemic/Civil Unrest Included)

      Think you are prepared for any emergency? Go down our emergency preparedness checklist to really find out! Emergencies happen. Storms can leave you in the dark, and the Covid-19 pandemic has shown what can happen to finances. What about another stay-at-home order? Are you prepared for any emergency? If you have to think about […] More

  • prepper-blog

    Top Prepper Blog Channels, Communities & Podcasts to Follow in 2021

      We’ve curated a list of top prepper blog channels, communities, and podcasts to follow in 2021. Whether their purpose is to engage, inform, or entertain, each selection offers different content. But,  all of them provide maximum value.  Over the past few years, the way humans consume information has changed drastically. Now, Millennials and GenZ […] More

  • survival-food

    Survival Food Rankings – Best Emergency Food to Store

      You want to be ready for every possible outcome, so you’ll want to keep reading. That’s why it’s essential to have a supply of non-perishable survival food in case an emergency arises. However, the most challenging thing about trying to build up your emergency food supply is knowing exactly what you include in it.   […] More

  • emergency-water-storage

    Best Emergency Water Storage Containers

      Water is a finite resource. It’s also one of the most essential resources for human survival. In an emergency situation, few things are more important than being able to access safe, clean drinking water. That leads us to two very important questions: how much water should you store for an emergency? And what type […] More

  • survival-fishing-basics-how-to-guide

    Survival Fishing Basics How To Guide

      When most of us think about fishing, we think of a relaxing day enjoying the sunshine and indulging in a hobby we love. But there might come a time when this hobby becomes a means of survival. If that happens, are you prepared? Do you know the best techniques to get a fish when […] More

  • how-to-prepare-for-an-earthquake

    How to Prepare for An Earthquake

      In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for an earthquake. As you listen to the news every day, there might be days that you will stumble on headlines that talk about strong magnitudes of earthquake shaking a particular country or maybe, destroying a whole city. Because of climate change and other scientific […] More

  • Best-Movies-About-Survival

    Best Movies About Survival To Watch in 2020

    People love watching movies about survival, and often than not, we prefer various genres of film depending on our taste. But one thing that unites people the most is survival movies. Everyone loves survival movies. Whether it is set on a deserted island or you have been stranded in an isolated place, you get the […] More

  • How To Pack Your Bug Out Bag

    How To Pack Your Bug Out Bag

    The time it takes to survive most emergency situations is 72 hours, and to increase your chances of survival you’ll need to have the right gear. A bug out bag is the term used to describe a bag that has everything required to get through these first 72 hours, and it’s a must-have for a […] More

  • 8 Doomsday Scenarios That Will Scare You

    8 Doomsday Scenarios That Will Scare You

    It’s never pleasant to think about doomsday scenarios or scary situations that could put us and our family in danger, let alone the entire world. Even though we’d like to avoid the thought of them ever occurring, not being prepared would make them even worse to imagine. With everything from world hunger to a takeover […] More

  • The Ultimate Guide To Prepping

    The Ultimate Guide To Prepping

    They say preparation is the key to success in just about any part of life, yet so many of us neglect to prepare for the most serious of situations. The act of prepping is preparing oneself for the potential of a doomsday event or emergency, and being ready to survive should the absolute worst happen. […] More

  • The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Survival Knife

    The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Survival Knife

    When you think about a survival situation, the most important aspects you have to consider are food, shelter, first aid, and safety. There’s one piece of survival gear that helps with all of these, making it the most important of all, and that’s your survival knife. Finding the best survival knife is the key priority […] More

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