Ready America Family Deluxe Kit Review

Ready America Family Deluxe Kit Review

Ready America Family Deluxe Kit

PriceAround $113-$905 – Available on
Pros5 year shelf life, 20 pound weight, Family kit
ConsNot for long term prepping
SummaryThis kit has everything you need for three days of survival in any type of situation
Our Rating5/5

When you have a family, you realize there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep them safe and healthy. We worry so much in our everyday lives about what they’re eating, their health, whether they’re comfortable and happy, but what about if the worst should happen and we were suddenly faced with an emergency?

Prepping has become a huge priority for Americans, and especially for those with loved ones that they care about. The first 72 hours of an emergency is crucial, so being prepared with your own survival kit that has enough supplies for your entire family should be a major priority.

Rather than going through the painstaking job of assembling everything yourself, the best approach is to purchase a kit that’s already got it all. Finding one that’s suitable for a family of four can be more of a challenge though, especially if you want its contents to be a little better than basic staples and supplies.

Ready America has created a Deluxe Family Kit that offers just that, and it’s got enough to last a family of four for a few days. We’re here to find out what’s included in the kit if it’s deluxe as it promises, and whether it makes a smart investment for the modern family that’s interested in being prepared for anything.

About The Product

Emergency Power Station

Ready America is a huge name in disaster supply gear and for over 25 years they’ve been creating items to help people get through just about anything. As well as a large selection of rations, medical equipment, and other helpful items, they also assemble ready made kits so that you don’t have to shop for every individual piece.

The Family Deluxe Kit was designed for a four-person family and it has enough supplies to last for at least three days. Having something like this ready to go at home can give you great peace of mind and calm you with the knowledge that you’re doing everything you can to keep your family safe.

Within this kit is everything you’ll need for the first 72 hours after a disaster, and you can leave it at home, in the car, or even at the office. There are enough supplies for four people, and some of what you can expect to find inside include:

  • Products with a five-year shelf life;
  • Emergency power station and charger;
  • Food and drinking water;
  • Comprehensive first aid kit;
  • Emergency supplies like blankets and light sticks;

Everything in this kit is assembled in an easy to carry backpack and the total weight is around 20 pounds including the bag. With this waiting for you and ready to go, you’ll know that you’ve done everything you can to help your family and made it so easy to have access to all that you need should the worst ever happen.

What Others Say

This kit has pretty much everything you need to survive for a few days as a family and you’ll only have to add a couple of essentials. To get a complete kit like this which is suitable for four people is pretty hard to do at this price, so it’s a simple investment you can make that will put your mind at ease.

With a five-year shelf life, it might not last as long as you’d think when you’re planning for long term prepping. You could replace the food rations to something longer lasting and possibly keep the other gear, but it’s advisable to simply get a new kit once the five years are up.

This has one of the biggest first aid kits of any prepping kit, with 107 separate pieces. The most important thing is our health, especially in a survival situation, so you know you’re covered for all types of injuries and potential hazards that you might encounter.

Buying Advice

Emergency First Aid Kit

Amazon has a massive range of survival and disaster supply gear including loads from Ready America. This Deluxe Family Kit is currently available for around $115 which includes all of the food and water, first aid supplies, emergency gear, and other random bits and pieces.

Included in this cost is free postage which is a nice bonus considering the total shipping weight is about 20lbs and would be quite costly. Amazon Prime members will receive their pack in just two days from ordering, and some even sooner, so you can get the peace of mind you’re prepared and ready without waiting long at all.

While there’s no official warranty on this bag and its supplies, it is rated with a five-year shelf life. You can grab one, pack it away and not have to think about it for years, simply knowing that it will be there in an emergency should you need it. However, you may want to keep a check on the food, in particular, to make sure it’s still in an edible order.

Those who don’t have four people to take care of will get double the value with this, thanks to suggestions from other customers. If you only have one or two people to cover in a survival kit you can easily split these supplies so you have one bag at different locations like your work or car and home.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than knowing you are looking after your family, and by having the Ready America Deluxe Family Kit that’s exactly what you’ll feel. This kit has everything you need for three days of survival in any type of situation and it saves you the hassle of packing and organizing for yourself.

Even something as basic as having a preassembled survival kit will give you a huge advantage should the worst happen. To keep yourself and your loved ones protected with the simple investment of the Ready America Deluxe Family Kit, click on the button below to add it to your collection.

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