Renegade Survival First Aid Kit Review

Renegade Survival First Aid Kit Review

Renegade Survival First Aid Kit

PriceAround $73 – Available on
ProsMade in the USA, Custom designed, Approved by emergency nurses and medics,
ConsMissing extra room in the bag
SummaryThis kit was custom designed by request of Elite military units desiring a more compact & light kit for their daily field operations
Our Rating5/5

There’s nothing more important in life than our health, and without it, nothing else will really matter. One of the most crucial things to have with you at all times is a first aid kit that will keep your health in check, even when you’re faced with the direst circumstances.

A good first aid kit should be able to tackle all types of health problems and prevent further injury and infection from occurring. In a survival situation you likely won’t have access to proper healthcare, so being prepared to take care of yourself and loved ones will be your responsibility.

Being prepared and ready for anything can mean a number of things, but when it comes time to pack your prepping kit, first aid is the most important. A quality first aid kit should be well stocked but easy to carry, giving you the best in convenience and health care that you can take wherever you go.

Renegade Survival have created a lightweight but fully stocked first aid kit with the highest quality gear, and it’s ideal for a prepping kit. This review will look at what’s included in the kit and whether it’s worth the cost, so you can know whether it’ll take care of your first aid needs.

About The Product

Filled Renegade Survival First Aid Kit

Renegade Survival is a small US-based operation that specializes in first aid kits of all shapes and sizes. Their gear is made to specifications set in place by the US military and everything in their kit has been designed for light field operations with both quality and convenience in mind.

The Renegade Survival First Aid Kit is a complete solution to healthcare needs for a prepping kit and it’s been hand assembled by this brand to ensure nothing is useless. It’s small enough to attach to a backpack and weighs less than 2.5lbs so you’ll barely feel yourself carrying it around.

Having access to one of these first aid kits at home, the office, or even in your car is like a guarantee on your health. No good prepper should be without a first aid kit and when you don’t have to worry about assembling it yourself, it’s even better. Within the kit, you’ll find premium quality gear and supplies, with features including:

  • Lightweight carry bag;
  • Approved by nurses and medics;
  • Approved by nurses and medics;
  • Four different colors;
  • Various compartments and zippers;
  • Includes bandages, sponges, creams, antiseptic wipes, and more;

Compared to other first aid kits that have a lot of useless items and only a few that you’ll really use, this one features gear that is all practical and usable. The Renegade Survival First Aid Kit might seem small when you get it, but it’s full of quality supplies that will give you the peace of mind you need to survive in any situation.

What Others Say

Many first aid kits that come as part of other survival or prepping kits are lacking in either quality or content, but this one is hugely different. You can tell that it’s been assembled by people who actually understand survival supplies and hearing that it was designed with the US Army in mind isn’t surprising.

The size of this bag is deceptive when you first see it, especially considering that it arrives shrink wrapped and looks even smaller. The total weight of the bag and supplies is less than 2.5lbs and there are plenty of clips and attachments so you can use it with your other gear. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s full of high-quality supplies and you won’t need to add another thing.

It would have been nice to get extra room in the bag in case you want to upgrade or update the supplies, and customers found it was limited on space. If you do decide to change out certain things you’ll have to remove others otherwise it could be a tight squeeze and not something you’ll want to spend time going through in an emergency.

Buying Advice

Renegade Survival First Aid Kit Colors

Most preppers do their shopping online for a bigger range at more competitive prices, and Amazon is a popular place to do so. The Renegade Survival Kit can be purchased through the online marketplace for less than $70 which is pretty great value considering the quality of each individual item found within.

The cheapest option is the all black bag if you want to save some money, otherwise, the tan color is the most expensive at just over $70. There’s no real difference in what’s inside of the design of the bag, it’s simply a color choice that you’ll have to make.

Amazon will ship this survival kit to your door free of charge, and within just 48 hours if you’re part of Amazon Prime. You can even add other items to your cart and combine the shipping or make extra savings so it’s worth looking around to see what else you might need for your prepping.

The Renegade Survival team offer a money back guarantee on this kit so when you get it, be sure to check through everything and see that it’s up to par. You won’t be able to make returns after a certain date and there’s no warranty on offer, but it is good to see that they’re vouching for the quality of everything that’s included.

Final Thoughts

Without good health, our survival efforts would be futile, and so investing in a quality first aid kit like this one from Renegade Survival should be your first priority. The contents are amazing quality and every inclusion has been carefully thought over, so you don’t have to give it a second thought once it arrives.

Even without a prepping kit in mind, having access to a good first aid kit is a smart move, and just keeping one in your car could save your life. To get your very own Renegade Survival First Aid Kit and potentially save a life one day, click on the button below to grab one today.

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