Security Window Film – Top Products Compared

Home is where you want to feel the safest. To keep it safe, you might want to add extra protection measures. Installing security window film is a great way to protect your property and health during riots or civil unrest.

Glass is easily penetrable and can make you vulnerable to home invasions. With today’s technology, there’s less to worry about. Security window films add an extra layer of protection to your glass windows.

The home security industry is booming and the options for security window films are countless. Choosing the right security window film doesn’t have to be a chore.

Stick around to learn more about the top products compared for security window films against intruders.



Top 4 Security Window Film Reviews


Over 25% of home burglars enter through the window. It’s a smart decision to install a security window film. Here are some of the best products based on security window film reviews and their features.


1.   Best Security Window Film Overall: BDF S8MC

BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 8 Mil (24in X 12ft)
418 Reviews
BDF S8MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 8 Mil (24in X 12ft)
  • MINIMIZE PROPERTY DAMAGE by absorbing impacts from break-in attempts and holds shattered glass together
  • PASSES ANSI Z97.1 CLASS B, CPSC CATEGORY 1 testing requirements.
  • INCREASE SECURITY or add safety to tempered or non-tempered glass.

The BDF S8MC model might provide you with  the needed strength to discourage intruders. This product is ideal to install in your home for added security. With its 8 mil thickness, it can provide you with more than just security.

On impact, you won’t expect shards of glass, dangerously, flying your way. Similar to car windows, it’s able to maintain the glass’s structural integrity. Its accident-proof hold will avoid any unwanted injuries, especially if you have children around.

The security window film doesn’t only protect you from intruders, but also harsh UV rays. It reflects away over 99% of UV rays. Since the film is thick, it can be highly visible and might darken your rooms.

Compared to other security film windows, the BDF is more affordable and offers better strength.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Simple installation.
  • Includes rubber squeegee and knife.
  • Highly durable.


  • Tends to dim the light coming in


2.   Best Shatterproof Security Window Film: VViViD

VViViD 12 Mil Clear Safety Window Film 30 Inch Wide x 10 ft Roll
220 Reviews
VViViD 12 Mil Clear Safety Window Film 30 Inch Wide x 10 ft Roll
  • Impact Resistant Security Window Film
  • 99% UV blocking, 90% VLT, clear film near invisible after installation
  • 12 MIL Industrial Grade – Thickest on the market

The VViViD brand mostly markets car vinyl wraps and decorative films. Nevertheless, their security window films are among the most powerful in the market.

Holding an impressive 12 mil, this film can take a punch. The heavy-duty film’s unique selling point is its impact resistance. Its strength is unmatched compared to window films like the BDF.

While it boasts some serious strength, it may fall short on adhesiveness. Some found it tasking to keep the security window film stuck on their windows.

The VVidViD model also lacks extra tools such as a cutting knife or rubber squeegee for installation like the BDF.

The product might also be pricier than your average security window film since it’s one of the impact-resistant and thickest.

While you can add this item to your home security list, it’s also well-suited for commercial use. You can use it in offices or store buildings as well.


  • Ideal impact-resistance.
  • Provides extra thickness.
  • Quality UV protection.


  • Might be too costly.
  • Doesn’t have additional tools for installation.
  • Difficult to install.

3.   Most Affordable Security Window Film: BDF S4MC

BDF S4MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 4 Mil (24in X 23ft)
66 Reviews
BDF S4MC Window Film Security and Safety Clear 4 Mil (24in X 23ft)
  • MINIMIZE PROPERTY DAMAGE by absorbing impacts from break-in attempts and holds shattered glass together
  • PASSES ANSI Z97.1 CLASS B, CPSC CATEGORY 1 testing requirements.
  • INCREASE SECURITY or add safety to tempered or non-tempered glass.

If you want to feel safe at home without breaking the bank, you can look into getting the BDF S4MC. The main difference between this model and the S8MC is that the latter has 8 mil, while the other one has 4 mil.

Even though it comes with a thinner shield, you’re still going to have adequate impact-resistance and strength. This model is applied with an adhesive, making it more securely fit on your windows.

This model, like its S8MC counterpart, is suitable for your home security as well.


  • Strong UV protection.
  • Considerably cheap.
  • Comes with installation tools.


  • Lower clarity than other products.

4.   Strongest Security Window Film: GordonGlass

12 Mil Security Window Film 30
  • Security Window Film
  • Excellent UV rejection 90% VLT, virtually clear, blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • 2 Ply 12 Mil Window Film

Another 12 mil security window film in the market to consider is the GordonGlass model. Like the VViViD window film, this product might be troublesome to install.

The product’s manufacturers recommend taking out your glass windows first and then sticking the security window film on them. This might be due to the edges of the GordonGlass being a bit weaker than other security window films.

If you don’t want to take out your window, a silicone sealant around the edges works just as well.

You might also face some issues with cutting the film, due to the high thickness level. Most users resort to using razors, rather than a cutting knife.

Aside from installation, the performance of the added security shield is burglar-proof. You might be much safer in your home with GordonGlass protection.

Since the GordonGlass is bulky, it’ll give you heightened UV protection. Although the film might be considered too thick, the clarity of the window is unaffected.

This product is more fit for offices and stores like the VViViD window films, since its thicker than most other security window films on the market.


  • 12 mil Thickness.
  • Exceptional UV protection.


  • Hard to install.

What to Consider Before Getting Security Window Films


If you’re unsure what you should consider before getting a security window film, look no further! Here is a comprehensive buying guide to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Does Security Window Film Work?

Before diving into the products, you might be wondering, does security window film work? Well, there are a couple of answers.

Security window films aren’t completely unbreakable. They make it harder for intruders to get in. With the added layer on your window, it’ll take a lot more punches to break the glass.

This will give you plenty of time to catch the intruder. It’ll also get more attention from passerby and neighbors, making your intruder flee before getting caught.

That being said, security window films do work. They’re effective at deterring burglaries, but they are, essentially, breakable.



Strength involves how thick your security window film is going to be. There are a few options to choose from ranging from 2 to 15 mil. This factor should be on the top of your priorities since it’s paramount in your window security.

Thicker doesn’t necessarily mean stronger. Some products offer thin films that might be able to withstand more than thicker models. It all depends on the quality of your security window film.

When it comes to installation, you might find it more difficult to put in a thicker film. If you’re looking for an easy, no-brainer installation, then a thinner security film is the way to go.


Application Type

There are a couple of application types you should consider. You’ve got static and adhesive security window films.

Static applications don’t involve glue or any adhesive material. You might find static window films are mostly on the thin side. They’re more convenient to move around and won’t be as messy, but provide you with less security.

On the other hand, adhesive applications are equipped with a sticky back. They’re usually found with thick security window films. You might find them more hasslesome to put on your windows, but they’re more reliable. Once you stick them, you can forget about trying to remove them.



Waking up and going to your living area, you want to see some light around you. A visible film might inhibit that light.

A visible film might also make it too obvious to your intruder. They could then try to find other means of entrance, rather than give themselves away with a shattered window in the first place.


Security Window Film – Conclusion

No products found.

These window films are a significant asset to add to your home protection protocol. Of all the products mentioned above, we recommend the BDF S8MC model the most. It’ll provide you with a thick film at a great price.

While you want to protect your home at all costs, you also want to ensure that your film is invisible so it wouldn’t darken your room too much. We hope you’re able to find the best option that’ll suit your needs.