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Signaling for Help: Different Strategies for Survival Situations

Signaling for help in emergency situations?

Whether we choose to hunt, paddle, or do anything outdoor emergencies can happen at any given situation. Maybe you could find yourself in an unsafe situation.

Survival skills and learning how to make use of your natural resources will come in handy in any open space and survival situation.

There are also many different kinds of emergencies that you can encounter that have nothing to do with being outdoors like experiencing a domestic violence situation. In times like this, it’s important to reduce risk by staying aware and knowing what to do in the event that an unexpected topic may occur.


Online Recreational Safety Courses: Different Types of Emergencies

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One of the most important things to do in any emergency is to stay calm. It can be difficult, but remaining calm will help you think more clearly and make better decisions. If you’re able, find a safe place to take shelter and await further instructions. If you’re unable to find shelter, make yourself as visible as possible by waving an international emergency sign or lighting a signal fire. And if you have a personal locator beacon, activate it so that rescuers can find you more easily.

There are also different units which includes:

  • Trail signs unit
  • Extreme weather unit
  • Environment unit

Signaling for Help: How to Signal For Help In the Wilderness

Using a Mobile Phone

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Your mobile device is one of the most powerful tools you can have with you in any survival situation. Provided that it does not lose battery and fully functioning, it can be your ticket to getting rescued.

Just to be prepared, there are some areas that don’t have that much signal so make sure to get a satellite phone. This kind of phone will allow you to make phones from anywhere in the world.

Using a Whistle

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A whistle is used in many different emergency situations. It also has different ranges for signaling help. Three blows on the whistle is the universal signal for an emergency. it’s also the perfect tool to give your kids.

Using a Signal Mirror

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A signal glass is one of the most versatile tools you can carry in your survival kit. This can be closely monitored and useful for signaling to rescuers from a distance or for attracting the attention of passing airplanes.

Using Flares

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Flares can be great for providing light in dark situations. The flare will start to create smoke that’s very bright, which can then catch people’s attention to come and help you

Using Flare Guns

Before you use a flare gun though, make sure that you are not around any trees as this can cause a fire.

Using Flags

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Flags come in handy for a lot of good reasons. You can attach a flag to your campsite and use it when things go wrong.

Using Flagging Tape

This another great tool to bring with you during your outdoor trip. Survey tape helps mark existing trails, leave messages or make new trails.

Using Sound Signals

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Similar to bringing a whistle with you everywhere, having anything that’s loud and generate a sound will be a great tool for emergency situations. Yelling requires too much energy to pull off, so having something loud will be a better option.

Using Smoke Signal fires

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Smoke signs are one of the oldest ways to ask for help in an emergency situation. First, you have to create a black smoke. You can add plastic, rubber, or anything that is synthetic. The black smoke is a distinct sign for distress.

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Here are some subtle (and not-so-subtle) help signs and how you can respond:

– A person who is looking around anxiously or constantly checking the time may be feeling lost or out of place. Ask if they need help or directions.

– A person who is standing close to the edge of a platform or cliff may be considering jumping. Approach cautiously and ask if they’re okay.

– Call 911 and stay with them until help arrives.