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How to Make DIY Spoon Lures That Will Catch Almost Any Fish

There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive lures when you can make your own out of household items. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make DIY spoon lures that will catch almost any fish. Plus, they’re easy to customize and perfect for beginners! Keep reading to learn how to get started.


What are Spoon Lures?

It’s one of the most versatile and effective types of fishing lures. As the name suggests, fishing spoons are shaped like a spoon, with a concave bowl-like shape that can be used to mimic the appearance of baitfish or other small aquatic creatures.

They are usually made of metal or plastic, and they can be fitted with a variety of hooks, weights, and other accessories. They are typically retrieved through the water using a jerking motion, which causes the spoon to spin and flash in the light.

This action attracts fish and triggers them to strike. The lure come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, making them one of the most popular types of fishing lures among anglers.

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Are Spoon Lures Effective?

They are great for catching largemouth bass, northern pike, trout, walleye, muskies and salmon because the details and style of the spoon lure is great for big fishes like the largemouth bass and salmon.

What’s great about fishing spoons is that retrieving them is easy. Just do a steady retrieve.

You may not get a lot of bites but the ones that tend to do so are the big ones. It’s generally easy to use. It slides inside the water and if there is twitching, it’s time to reel the fishes in.

Different Types of Spoon Lures

Fishermen know fishing spoons work effectively for fishing especially large fish species like the northern pike. Just have a good bait, technique and you’re on your way to catching your trophy fish.

There are different types of fishing spoons but they all work to imitate natural prey of certain fishes. Because of their shape, fishing spoons, once they hit the water will be reflecting light which tricks fishes and attracts fishes.

Casing Spoons

Casting spoons are usually used for saltwater fishing, but can also be used in fresh water. The most popular type of casting spoon is the diamond jig, which is often used to capture bass, trout, and other types of fish.

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Trolling Spoons

Trolling spoons are among the most popular spoon lures, thanks to their ability to generate a lifelike swimming action. This type of lure is typically long and slender, with a concave bowl-shaped spoon at one end.

The spoon is often painted with bright colors or reflective finishes, making it more visible to fishes. When towed through the water, trolling spoons create a flashing or wobbling action that is irresistible to many species of gamefish.

Thanks to their versatility and effectiveness, this lure is a staple in the tackleboxes of many anglers.

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Jigging Spoons

Jigging spoons are designed to be rubbed against the bottom of the water to create a vibration that attracts fishes. They are typically made of metal or plastic, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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Weedless Spoons

As the name suggests, these lures are designed to fish in areas with lots of vegetation without getting snagged. Weedless spoons have a wide, concave spoon shape that allows them to glide over and around obstacles.

They are oftenrigged with a single hook or treble hook and can be fished with a variety of techniques, including casting, jigging, and trolling. Whether you’re fishing in heavy cover or open water, a weedless spoon is a versatile lure that any angler should have in their tackle box.

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Topwater Spoons

Topwater spoons float on the surface of the water, making them ideal for targeting fish that are feeding near the surface. Additionally, topwater spoons are often equipped with propellers or feathered treble hooks, which help to create a disturbance that can attract fish from a distance.

However, topwater spoon lures can be difficult to fish effectively, and may require a certain amount of practice to master. Additionally, they are not always the best choice for fishing in deep or murky water, as they can easily become snagged on underwater obstacles.

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How to Make a DIY Spoon Lure that Can Catch Fish

Looking to up your fishing game? Tired of using the same old boring lure but want to save money? Then it’s time to try something new – spoon lures!

Is it Easy to Make a DIY Spoon Lure?

These lures are a great way to capture almost any fishes, and they’re pretty easy to make yourself. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Get a Spoon and Fishing Line

First, you’ll need a spoon. Any spoon will do – just make sure it’s nice and shiny. Then, tie a length of fishing line to the spoon, leaving enough slack so that the spoon can move freely.

Add Weight

Next, add a small weight to the other end of the line – this will help the spoon sink down into the water. Finally, attach a hook to the line and you’re ready to go!

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When you’re ready to search and capture fishes, just cast your spoon lure out into the water and wait for species to bite. The key is to keep the lure moving – use quick, short jerks of your rod to make it dance through the water.

How a Spoon Lure Attracts Fishes

This action will mimic the movement of a small fish or insect, enticing larger fish to strike. And that’s all there is to it! With a little practice, you’ll be snagging fish left and right with your very own DIY spoon lure.

You can just relax on your boat while you search for more fishes under the cover of darkness if you like night fishing. A lot of fishermen do that. A lot also do it before the sun comes up. You can get fish trolled.

Get Your Rod Tip and Fishing Spoons Ready! It’s Time to Fish!

It’s time to get your boat, lure and slack line ready before the sun comes up. If you’re looking for a sign to fish, this is that sign. You don’t need brands for your spoon lure. Brands may have excellent products but brands can be costly and you can create one just as good as any brands.

A spoon lure is a great way to filter out the small fishes. Once a fish strikes on point, you know the search is over. Reel the fish in, slide it in your boat and you have yourself a nice capture. You might even get yourself a big walleye with your cast.

Whether you are going to be fishing in your country or at another place, you can reel in fish with your rig and with your DIY spoon lure. Finally, just be aware of fish conservation to keep the sport of fishing alive.