Top Survival Headlamps of 2021 – Online Selection Guide & Reviews



The right survival headlamp is a must have for any prepper or survivalist. Check out our review of the best survival headlamps available in 2021. 

Flashlights, and especially headlights, are vital in survival situations. You need a light to illuminate your surroundings. Without survival flashlights or headlamps, you’re left vulnerable to whatever dangers lie in the darkness. 

Here’s a look at the top survival headlamps to order online in 2021, to help you better prepare yourself for survival situations. We’ve also compiled a thorough buying guide for what to look for before purchasing. 

Read on for more information and to find the best survival headlamp for you.  


What to Look for When Buying Survival Headlamps


Before going all-in and purchasing the first headlight you see, you should consider some valuable features you’ll want your light to have. 

The best survival headlamp will have an extended battery life–preferably battery-based–with a heightened brightness and beam length, comfortable straps, a durable design, and versatility to accommodate different situations. 



You can gauge survival flashlights and headlamps brightness based on their lumen strength. Ideally, you’ll want a headlamp with an increased lumen rating. Having a bright light will give you the most perspective because you’ll be able to see more of what’s around you. 

If you need the lamp for outdoor activity, you’ll likely want to have more light to see further, larger distances and spaces. Opposingly, if you need the light in case of power outages at home, or if you get stuck in your car at night, you probably don’t need that bright light since you’re more familiar with your surroundings, even in the dark.  


Power Source



The power source is essential when purchasing a headlamp because it needs to suit your situation. 

For example, a rechargeable lamp will not serve you well in a power outage situation because you won’t have a power source to plug it into seeing as the electricity powers charging stations. Similarly, if you go on a camping trip, hiking excursion, or other outdoor activity, you won’t have anywhere to plug in a charger either. 

The ideal power source, then, is batteries. Batteries are easily replaceable and don’t need to plug into an electricity source to work–unless you buy rechargeable batteries.They also don’t take up much space, making them convenient to carry with you in case of an emergency.


Battery Life

Speaking of your headlamp’s power source, you’ll want the equipment piece to have a lengthy sustained battery life so that you don’t have to replace the batteries constantly. 

You also want extended battery life to accommodate situations in which you don’t have access to spare batteries or an outlet to recharge the device. 


Beam Distance

The beam distance associated with survival headlamps will determine how far you can see in the dark. 

This feature is particularly desirable if you partake in an outdoor adventure and find yourself in the dark. It will allow you to see greater distances and gauge distant threats easier than a headlamp with a short beam distance. 

If you find yourself inside during a power outage, you might not need an extended beam length since space is confined, similar to flashlight brightness.   



Since a headlamp is attached to your head and you may need to wear it for lengthy durations, you want a device that’s comfortable in design and material. Having a headlamp with bulky plastic straps is likely not as comfortable as one with softer, fabric straps.  



If you think you’ll need a survival headlamp for varying situations, you’ll want one with versatility. Versatility meaning you can change the brightness and beam length to accommodate your situation. 



Whatever your situation, you’ll want a headlamp that’s durable enough to handle anything that may happen to you. For example, if you’re outside and it rains, you don’t want your headlamp to short out from the water; therefore, you’ll want a water-resistant flashlight. 

Another example, if you accidentally drop the device, you don’t want it to break on impact. You should look for a durable headlamp. 


Top 5 Survival Headlamps to Order Online in 2021


Keeping in mind the previous standards, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 survival headlamps to order online in 2021. Take a look below to find out which one suits your needs. 


1. LED Survival Headlamps Flashlight, COSOOS



This comfortable headlamp comes with soft, adjustable straps to fit any sized head. When you purchase the lamp you also get a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and battery holder to suit the high lumen brightness and varying light modes. The light modes include normal, power saving, high brightness, and strobe (for SOS needs). 

This LED headlamp is also incredibly durable and weather-resistant for survival situations, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, outdoor excursions, power outages, and more.  


2. PETZL ACTIK CORE Survival Headlamps



While a little bit expensive, the PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp is extremely simplistic in design yet widely capable. The headlamp has a single, adjustable, reflective fabric strap to fasten around your head, much like a headband. The light itself is small but has a high lumen brightness of 450. It has three brightness modes, including a red safety light, as well.

The lamp runs for 130 hours on average and is rechargeable. Because it’s so simple in its design, you can easily store it in a backpack for camping trips, the glove compartment in your car, or a drawer at home.  


3. GearLight LED Survival Headlamps Flashlight S500



Much like the PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp, the GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlight has a simple design. It involves a single, adjustable fabric strap and small frontal light to fit kid and adult head sizes. The headlamp requires three AAA batteries and runs on low brightness for 45 hours and three hours on high. 

The light is adjustable to a 45-degree angle and comes equipped with seven different light modes, including a red safety light and a strobing effect to send out an SOS. If you worry about weather conditions, the GearLight LED Headlamp Flashlight S500 is weather and shock-resistant.  


4. SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Survival Headlamps



You might want to consider the SLONIK 1000 Lumen Rechargeable headlamp for the ultimate brightness and beam length. With a 1000 lumen strength and a 600-foot beam distance when on high power, this headlamp provides extreme illumination. 

While the strap is wrap-around adjustable nylon fabric, the designers incorporated the high weather and dust resistant component, aero-grade aluminum alloy, for durability. You can even detach the light if needed and store it safely in your pocket. Or, you can swivel the light to 90 degrees to assess your situation from different angles.   


5. DanForce Survival Headlamps



The DanForce headlamp has a similar design to a hard hat with a wrap-around and curve-over strap for maximum security. The device is also water, weather, and dust resistant. With three frontal lights, the DanForce headlamp has a high lumen brightness of 1080. It also has seven modes to choose from depending on your situation. 

The headlamp relies on rechargeable batteries, giving you the option to recharge when needed or replace the batteries instead. With your purchase, you also receive a carrying case for further protection and storage. 


Top Survival Headlamps – The Verdict


When considering a survival headlamp, you want to make sure it comes equipped with all of the functions and durability you might need. Out of the five best survival headlamps, we found the best option to be the PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp. 

Besides its comfortable and simplistic design, its small light is capable of immense brightness. It also comes with crucial light modes for different survival situations. It also has an extremely long battery life built to last.  



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