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What Does Pretty Preppy Mean: Clothing Tips to Prepare For SHTF

Even during SHTF, some want their preppy-influenced fashions emerged while being prepared for any survival situation at the same time. This is what you call pretty preppy for SHTF. But what does pretty preppy mean?

Depending on the scenario, you may need different types of clothes, such clothing and style will keep you ready in all preppy situations.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best clothing options for various preppy situations. We’ll also provide tips on the right clothing to prepare for a disaster. Stay safe and prepared!


Prepping Survival Clothes

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The optimal outfit for survival conditions is included in the official preppy guidebook. Hence it is a must that people must learn what clothing to prepare in case emergency or calamities hit.

Some people don’t see the need to prepare clothes for SHTF. Some believed that clothes used for survival situations are too masculine and out of style. A few people with refined style may agree with this.

The typical preppy style people love to go for are fashion wear with classic ensembles and ivy league style like tailored skirt suits by Ralph Lauren , upper class dress by Elizabeth Mckay, and wrap dresses from Tommy Hilfiger.

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However, if we are going to look at American history, American students, male and females are trained to prepare for different SHTF situations. These include elements drawn from a variety of SHTF crisis scenarios.

These include developing skills necessary to survive in different situations, having knowledge on different apparel, gears and clothing appropriate to keep you safe from the elements, which can kill swiftly, as well as from the advancing hordes.

The official preppy handbook suggests that your preparation budget should include great “survival gear, clothing, and apparel” as part of your preppy look just as much as it does money for beans, band-aids, and bullets.

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Clothing Attributes to Look for When Prepping for SHTF

As taught in preparatory school since the mid-twentieth century, survival preppy clothes should assist to protect you in potentially dangerous or lengthy circumstances. Therefore, they should have the following qualities:


This could be the only clothing you have for a time. Make certain that it is made of a durable material that is easy to fix.


Though we would love to wear classic upper classes style of clothing. It would be uncomfortable to dress like that during an emergency situation. During a survival situation you might have to wear survival clothes for several days, it should be easy to put on and take off.

Use shirts or dresses that are one size larger (two sizes larger for kids plus 440 paracord for a belt) this will allow you to shift dresses for more movement and enable for layering.

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The favoring clothing style in this should be able to adjust to changes in weather, terrain, and situations.


Choose attire that will blend in with the throng and your surroundings. Unless you need to keep up with your kids in a throng, dark and subdued colors are better. In that scenario, strive to make everyone’s color the same. 2

Pastel colours cotton blouses, denim, silk, and wool are the only natural fibers that should be used; avoid polysynthetic fabric blends because they are more combustible than natural fibers.

The Best Clothes to Prep in Hot Weather During SHTF

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Men’s Clothing for Hot Weather Survival

  • Classic look linen shirts or polo shirts with nautical stripes like that of Ralph Lauren.
  • Long-sleeved shirts to keep the sun off your arms.
  • Traditional pastel colours cotton short.
  • Shorts with a ripped top style or hiking pants.

What Women Should Wear to Stay Safe in Hot Weather

  • Hiking pants.
  • Tops with short arms.
  • Long-sleeved shirts to block the sun.
  • Linen pants (make sure they are thick enough).
  • Classic shorts or pants made of a rip-stop material.

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Accessories To Prep for SHTF

  • Your head will be protected from the sun by the hat, bandana, shemagh, and towel. Apart from that, you can wipe your sweat off with a bandana, a shemagh, or a towel.
  • Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, especially when you are facing it.
  • Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 like Suntegrity Impeccable Skin or higher will help protect your skin from the sun’s hot rays and keep you from getting sunburn and other skin problems.

The Best Clothes To Prep in Cold Weather During SHTF

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How to Stay Warm in the Cold: The Three-Layer Rule

Most of the time, when it’s cold, you should wear at least three layers. Each of these layers has a different job to do to keep you warm, as you can see below:

Inner/Base Layer:

This is the layer closest to your body, or the one that touches your skin. It will pull moisture away from your body, so choose a material that does that well, like wool or synthetic. In a pinch, you can also use good-quality cotton.

Middle Layer:

This layer goes on top of the inner or base layer. This layer is your insulator, and it will help you make a layer that will keep you warm. Choose a warm layer like a down jacket or vest, a heavy wool sweater, or a heavy canvas jacket for this layer.

Outer Layer:

This is the last layer you should put on. It will act as your “shell” or protection from the weather. Here, going high-tech and trying out the newest materials ahead of time will be helpful. Shells are made to keep water and wind out, but not all of them are the same. Spend money on a good shell, and when it saves your butt, you’ll be glad you did.

Avoid clothes made of cotton and its variations, such as denim, corduroy, flannel, or duck, as well as cotton-blends like cotton-polyester blends. You should also stay away from fabrics made of cellulose fibers like modal, rayon, viscose, and lyocell, as they tend to soak up water even faster than cotton and lose their insulating properties quickly when wet.

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Here is a list of clothes that both men and women should have in their Bug out Bag and INCH Bag:

    • Waterproof Hats
    • Coats
    • Hooded Rain Jacket
    • Hooded Sweatshirt
    • Wool Pants
    • Wool Socks
    • Wool Sweater
    • Rain Pants
    • Waterproof Boots with no to low heels

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What to do?

Pack clothes that can be swapped and matched in case the weather changes, you get wet, or you become hurt. Examine them every six months to a year to ensure that everything still fits. Everyone should wear closed-toe shoes. Bring extra socks to keep your feet healthy. Don’t forget to wear a helmet. Include the following:

      • Hats, knit caps, ear coverings, and scarves are examples of head coverings.
      • Work pants or sweatpants.
      • Cotton shirts, both short and long sleeves, a waterproof jacket or poncho, a sweatshirt, or a wool sweater.
      • Two to three sets of underwear.
      • 5-6 pairs of socks, sneakers or hiking boots, and work gloves that have been broken in.
      • Cold-weather thermal underwear.
      • If you reside in a cold-weather zone, invest in a heavy coat.
      • Pack clothes that will fit in each child’s individual backpack for your family. Each individual will be responsible for their own attire.